Sunrise   |   March 16, 2006

Have you ever just sat and watched the rising of the sun?  From my sofa I can look out the window and watch the magnificent beginning of the day.  As the brightness turns the horizon red and the sun breaks over the horizon…the glow begins to crest over the back wall and light up the tips of the trees.  It is as if the plants are taking a sigh of relief as the warmth falls across the yard.  The birds are obviously content as the race back and forth across the lawn, to and from the pond for a morning drink or a quick bath.  The moment is full of life and I am sipping my tea (the new Anniversary Blend is the choice of the day) while allowing myself to gently enter into the day.  It is truly beautiful how the day begins.  I encourage you to put everything aside one morning and allow yourself to watch the start of the day.  There is something re-affirming, re-energizing, as well as calming in the rising of the sun.  Have a wonderful day.

Happy Anniversary   |   March 01, 2006

Here we has finally year of and we are all still here and smiling.  I am actually jumping up and down.  Thank you for helping me celebrate and for enjoying my tea.  I also hope you will be taking advantage of all of the special perks that we have just introduced for the month of March including:

  • 10% off all orders for those who subscribe the Jeffrey's tea Newsletter
  • 25% off the Spring Blend tea
  • 50% off the collectors'edition Jeffrey Bear
  • FREE sample of the new anniversary blend

Have a wonderful day...happy shopping...and I look forward to seeing you online soon.

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