Just think...   |   May 03, 2006

When you are spending time with someone, turn off your cell phone as there is nothing more important than that person for that moment.  When you care about someone, look into their eyes when you are speaking.  When you love someone, tell them "I love you."  You don't know when you might no longer have the opportunity.  Life is too short to take others for granted, especially those that you consider close.  Put value in people and every interaction you have with people.  You will have plenty of time to deal with the next situation when it arises.  Be considerate.  Think before you act.  Common courtesy does not happen accidentally but makes a great difference when you receive that courtesy.  At the same time, remind people when they are not being courteous.  Few actually try to be rude, but sometimes we all need a reminder.  Do not allow yourself to be taken for granted.  If you don't put yourself first no one will.  Cherish every moment because you can never get it back.

Focus   |   May 02, 2006

I think it is natural when we get distracted from things that really mean a lot to us.  More importantly, however, is being able to re-group, re-focus, re-energize, and then get back in the game.  I have been absent for awhile - as you may have noticed, but thanks to a special friend I am back on track.  Make sure you always have someone around who can remind you of what is important when you may have forgotten.  Someone to give you a little kick if necessary.  Thanks Shannon, for so many things, but today I am most thankful for the kick in the pants.  May everyone have a Shannon in their lives to keep them centered and on track.

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