Tyler   |   August 20, 2006

Every once in awhile a very unique person comes into our lives.  Someone that we would probably not have met under normal circumstances, but one who makes us take a step back and think twice...about whatever.  Some think it is through a divine power, some say it is fate, I just think it is good luck.  Whatever the cause, I feel very fortunate that - through a friend of a friend - I have met a very cool person named Tyler.  A smart gentleman with unique ideas - some I agree with and others I don't.  Nevertheless, I have been reminded the joy in being open to new thoughts.  Although this page is called "Jeffrey's Reflections," sometimes I forget to do just that - reflect.  As we go through life trying to figure out what we are supposed to be doing, it is imprtant that we stop and think about the path we are on.  Don't get stuck on any one thing, but contemplate the big picture.  While doing so, don't forget to look around.  There a lot of very interesting things and people that we can very easily miss if we don't open our eyes...and our hearts.  Tyler is someone I have quickly come to admire, someone I can learn from, as well as someone who can learn a few things from me.  I want to thank Tyler for his insight, his friendship, his heart, his ambition and even his idealism.  I have always tried to shoot for the stars and Tyler has reminded me to never dream for less than the stars...or that is exactly what you will get.  I have so many things that I wish for good people, and today I wish that everyone has someone in their life who can bring a smile to his face the way that Tyler's sparkle does for me.  Thanks for the laughter, Tyler, and always remember to enjoy a few moments for yourself everyday.  You are truly a gem!  Welcome to Phoenix.

Sorry to have been distant   |   July 18, 2006

On the one hand I am sorry to have been distant from my friends, colleagues, and clients.  On the other had it shows how much I believe in the "Art of Living" and truly getting away for awhile.  I am currently in Lyon, France.  I have been to Greece, England and Scottland along the way as well.  It has been quite and adventure with its ups and downs...as is the case with everything in life.  I have dined well, socialized a lot, and learned a bit about myself along the way.  I have learned that sometimes it is nice to be alone and yet I love being around people.  I have rediscovered the importance of finding a balance in my day between solitude and socialization.  I am happy to share my reflections through Jeffrey's Tea as it allows me to clear my mind as well as to share some insightful (at least I think they are insightful) thoughts with you all.  I will be back in the states on August 1 and look forward to reconnecting with the world.  Best to everyone during your summer vacations.  May you have safe travels wherever you go. 

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