Be your own best friend   |   September 05, 2006

A friend of mine recently suggested that I may not know what it is like to be my own friend - my own best friend.  I have many special people in my life, but where do I (as an individual) fit into that?  I appear from the outside to always be doing happy-silly things.  That must be why people think it is crazy when I say that I have little personal confidence.  I certainly know how to exude confidence, but posessing it is something a bit different.  Therefore, I have set a new goal to do something every day that is just for me, which is not the easiest thing to do considering so much of what we do in a day affects those around us.  However, on a beautiful Labor Day Monday I was able to find three things in the day that were just for me and accomplished completely by myself. 

There is something empowering when you begin to be you own best friend.  Have you ever asked yourself what it means to be your own best friend, and what qualities would aid in you discovering that?  These are strange questions, but one's I have started to think about.  In the past few days find myself a bit lighter and appreciative of the moments I get to share with myself, instead of being fearful of the solitude.  I encourage you to embrace the goal of doing one thing - however simple - that is only for you.  Something that makes you smile or helps you to release.  You give of yourself at work, with your family, to friends and to chores...why not do the same for yourself.  Let me know how it makes you feel.  Have a beautiful day.

When life throws you a curve ball   |   August 28, 2006

"Don't dwell on the situation.  It will all work itself out on its own."  This seems like reasonable advice, but how are we able to focus away from a challenge when it seems all consuming...when it seems that there is no good way out.  I guess the best answer can be found in our heart and by following what we know is best for us personally.  I have a tendency to paint the world in pink and to live my life in a type of fantasyland.  However, I know that things may not always be so perfect and beautiful.  It is at times like this that we depend so greatly on our friends to help us see more clearly.  Typically by just listening, they are able to naturally help sort out the details.  Adam, Joshua, Shannon, Joseph, are the types of people whom I wish every person could have in their life.  You help me see clearly even when it seems like a very dark and gloomy day.  You help find the silver lining when I cannot find it myself.  You remind me that there are only six more hours left until a new day can begin.  May I one day be able to share the same perspective with you and remind you that it's not as bad as it seems.  This storm we too will weather and I am sure when it is all done we will retell the story over Veuve Cliquot.  Love you more... 

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