Change is good   |   January 24, 2007

I figure if I keep telling myself this, eventually I may actually believe it. It is the 24th day of the year. Many of us have made resolutions which are rooted in bettering ourselves and those around us. However, change is not always easy and when we fail to accomplish our goals we often find ourselves in an even deeper state of remorse than before we even made the resolution. I have resolved to focus more attention on Jeffrey’s Tea and to post more reflections here…and it has been 23 days since I last wrote to all of you. I told myself that I would work a solid 40 hours per week instead of leaving work early whenever I can…and this week will only be a 30 hour week. I have vowed to put myself first and learn how to be my own best friend, to embrace moments of solitude instead of running from it, and not depend so greatly on others for my own happiness…and I have not spent one night at home alone with a good book by the fire in the last month. Does this cycle make me a failure? Why do I feel as though I am not good enough?  Does it mean that I cannot achieve my goals and therefore should quit? If someone else was asking for my advice I would say, “No, if you slide back just reevaluate and take another run at it. Eventually you will get over the wall. YOU CAN DO IT!!!”

Well I guess that is the answer then...

New Year’s Day may be the beginning of the year, but every morning we get the chance to start fresh. And if today things don’t work out, we can give it another shot tomorrow. I think we all tend to be a little too harsh on ourselves – I know I am. Perhaps we all need to lighten up a bit. In our struggle for perfection, there will be a few stumbles. We need not forget about our goals, but if we attack one thing at a time, we can do anything. So…today I have posted a reflection on One success! Tomorrow I will work on accumulating enough hours to push me as close to 40 as possible this week. And as far as embracing the solitude and being comfortable with aloneness…I think that can wait till next week.  Although by addressing it here publicly maybe I have already taken a step forward in fixing the problem.  Now what are you going to do today to help you be the person you want to be? Send me a note to let me know ( I would love to be part of your journey for an Art of Living that will bring you great joy. Good luck. You can do it.

Happy New Year!   |   January 04, 2007

I cannot believe it is the New Year and yet I am faced with a feeling of excitement to embark on a new leg of my journey in life. Last year was filled with many good moments as well as several trying times that forced me to look closely at myself and my role here. In 2007, I am looking forward to celebrating change, growth, stability, and reinvesting in what is truly important – and something that is often overlooked…myself. As I say this I feel that it will be read incorrectly, but I truly believe that in this world where we are expected to make sure everyone is taken care of (family, spouse, boss, colleagues, friends), that the one that should always come first typically comes last. By taking time out of everyday (or at least every other day) to make sure I am well, I hope to create a feeling of balance where I have the energy to give to others as I want without exhausting myself as I tend to do. I also hope that by sharing these thoughts I will not only encourage others to do the same, but may also find in you a sort of accountability of my own actions.

I used to think that no one read these entries, and then one of my customers scolded me for not writing more often. She said after logging on for the first time she read my reflections in their entirety, but was sad that they had stopped being updated. My response to her was, “You actually read what I have to say?” From that experience I feel re-energized to share my thoughts and to use you (my friends, family, and customers) as a way to inspire what this entire tea adventure was all about to begin with…to encourage an Art of Living! If we do not stop to reflect and grow, the purpose that I find in a cup of tea is completely lost. As we all begin this New Year, please remember to take time out for you. Help remind those around you to do the same. This year is going to be amazing!!! I can feel it. I look forward to sharing the ride with you all and continually keeping you up to date on “our” progress throughout the journey. Happy New Year.

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