So grateful...   |   January 16, 2008

What a wonderful year 2007 was...apparently so wonderful that I have been unable to post a reflection since last May (oops).  However, in looking over the previous entry I am reminded that I have had a complicated year - as many of you have.  That said, I feel so fortunate on this 16th day of the new year that I am healthy and happy and have so many wonderful people around me to keep me always moving forward like:

  • Joshua for knowing exactly when to give me a moment of inspiration,
  • Joe for helping me kick higher during our weekly line dance night at Charlies, 
  • Belle for keeping me grounded and critical in every way,
  • Frederic for always being my best friend,
  • Nicole for her gentle encouragement and for making me feel as though I can do no wrong (even though it's not true),
  • Allen for reminding me that there are still some very extraordinary people left in this world worth meeting,
  • Alvaro for showing me things about myself by allowing me the joy of seeing the world through a new set of eyes,
  • Steve for clocking me when I really need it,
  • Shawn for his loyalty in keeping so many things in the vault...and for wearing the red boots, and
  • Adam for reminding me that what I do is special and actually pretty cool.

This is only a small sample of the people in my life that make me so happy, and I apologize for leaving out so many others.  However, please know that I realize that I am the person I am today because of the people who surround me.  Thank you all for making this journey called life such a fun and exciting ride.  I am so glad I bought a ticket and that we are in it together.  Happy New Year!

Life is great!!!   |   May 07, 2007

I cannot believe that I have not posted a single reflection since the end of January.  To those of you who have expressed concern and encouragement as a response to my absence I thank you greatly for your notes.  That said, I am back in full force and a new enthusiastic outlook on the day.  I have found that although weathering a storm may not always be pleasant, it seems that when the clouds part and the sun comes out again, it is brighter and warmer than it ever was before. 

I have never felt so grateful for the wonderful people in my world, the sunny sky that I get to see every morning (literally), and the multitude of reasons I have to smile and laugh each day.  One factor that has helped me realize this internal solace is a new understanding of the fact that everything happens for a reason...and it always happens when it should.  I know that it sounds cliché but there is an inherent peace when you grasp this idea.  In the past I have always tried to guide – and even force - things to the place I thought I wanted them to go.  I still have goals and try to always move in a positive direction toward achieving those goals, but I have also come to a realization that things take time and when the moment is right, the answer or result will be clear.  For example...   

  • I just moved into a beautiful new condo.  I was fixating on wanting to get out of my old house and into the new one, but it wasn't until I gave up and let it take its natural course that the transition happened. 
  • While going through a period of emotional and relational strife all I wanted was for it to be over but as much as I told myself it was done and the mourning was complete, it was not....not until I relinquished myself to the fact that it was okay to struggle with the issues at which time they slowly melted away.


I continue to be a very intense and driven person, but by "giving up" every once in awhile (in a positive way) I have found that it is not necessary to understand every part of the equation in order to get to the right answer.  Sometimes it just happens.  It would be as if you were suddenly and unexpectedly separated from a dear friend and ten years later you randomly bumped into this person in a new city in a different part of the world after living very separate lives...only to find that your closeness had never fact it was stronger than ever.  Why did we go separate ways?  Why did neither of us call the other?  How is it that we have remained so connected after so many years and so many miles between us?  Maybe the stars were never aligned quite right.  Maybe they were waiting for a storm to pass before they could pull into port.  Maybe it doesn’t matter…the only thing that matters is the laughter we will share today. 

Always have dreams and wishes.  Work toward achieving them, but don’t be afraid to let fate take its course.  The light at the end of the tunnel is bright and whenever you get there cherish all the treasures that await you.  It’s a beautiful day…enjoy every moment of it!








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