Let's stay in touch   |   October 07, 2005

I very much believe in the relationships that tea can inspire.  Therefore, I have created this new area of my website to allow us to all remain in better touch.  I intend to post daily thoughts or notes from my day and hope that you will also share some of yours.  Simply click on Contact Jeffrey and send a quick note as I do love hearing from you.  Thank you for your continued support and love for tea.  Have a beautiful day.

Life's little things...   |   September 18, 2005
It is so easy to get wrapped up in petty little things. On any given day, I find myself struggling with a list of chores, many of which I do not want to think about. This week, I had to take care of some accounting needs for Jeffrey's Tea International that were causing me anxiety, I had to negotiate an ongoing marketing proposal at the Ritz that has been a source of many headaches, and I spent a sleepless night worrying about the fact that I was going to need to move my office to an unknown location... and then I turned on the television. Within an instant my trivial concerns became obsolete. With the devastating condition of the nation — especially on the Gulf Coast — I was thrown into a state of reflection and reality. Like many of us, I am at a loss for comprehension and feel helpless during this situation of crisis. At the same time, I am forced into a state of thankfulness that I am alive and surrounded by friends and family. The frustrations of daily life will remain, but as long as I actually have a daily life I feel fortunate. In a period of uneasiness, I take solace in the simple things that are often otherwise taken for granted: a cup of tea in the morning with my partner reading in the other room, a phone call from my mom just to say that she loves me, or the chance to feed my fish in the pond... because I still have a pond. Since we never really know if there is going to be a tomorrow, we must always enjoy the goodness in today.

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