Just enjoying the art of living   |   October 15, 2005

Several days without a written reflection does not mean several days without reflecting.  I have taken a lot of time for myself and have been embracing the art of living.  Time on the golf course with friends, shopping with Nicole, and dining with Frederic…the time has been well spent.  The air in Phoenix is finally a bit chilly in the morning.  It seems to make people here more pleasant, less aggressive.  The birds are more playful and the grass is finally growing in the yard.  Life is well and I hope the same for each of you.  Have a nice weekend.

The trained eye   |   October 11, 2005

I often wonder if anyone actually reads the reflections I write.  Now I know that the answer is "yes."  I received a call from my brother Joseph yesterday who wanted to congratulate me on the changes to the website.  He, however, had two critiques: 1) I mispelled my own web address and left out a word in the second line of the last reflection, and 2) Why had he not yet been mentioned in the site?  (By the way, he is the one in the cap and gown.  My brother John is on the left and Jason is next to him.) 

I have already taken care of the first observation and am now remedying the second.  It is strange that Joe has never come up in my reflections page before.  We speak on the phone nearly every day and share a unique brotherly connection that few have.  He is someone that I admire for his conviction, his drive, and for doing what he wants to do - even if others disagree.  He is one of the cheerleaders in my life and want him to know how important that is.  I thank Joe for taking time to follow my world as I thank the rest of you for staying in touch as well.  I continue to be pleased that with tea as the context, so many relationships have been born and are enriched.  Continue to enjoy tea and friends.      

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