Enjoy the moment   |   October 27, 2005

Many phone calls yet to return, a very long list of to-dos, and I still have to pack for my trip to San Francisco this weekend...but don't forget to enjoy the beauty of the present.  Have a great day.

Speechless   |   October 19, 2005

On a professional level, I am encouraged to be creative in my job. Ever since my role of Afternoon Tea Maître d’ was created, I have been asked to think “outside of the box” in order to generate business in the tea room. Instead of thinking outside the box, however, I have a tendency to blow the box up all together. My former boss introduced me to a philosophy that I continue to live by when embarking on a new project: “Be…do… have.” (I don’t think he ever thought I would take the philosophy as literally as I do.) In the context of a large company like the Ritz-Carlton, this can sometimes be slow-going as there are many approvals and steps to go through before arriving at the final product. Unfortunately, I am not the most patient person and therefore often jump ahead of the game. Most recently, I have been working on a product development project where I did just that.

Now that the product has been built and has actually been delivered, I have had to back up and address the logistical side of things – which under normal circumstances would have happened first. Several leaders in the hotel were part of this process including the General Manager, Pete Ells, who literally came to find me with a solution. Mr. Ells has more than enough things to deal with on a daily basis without getting involved in what some may consider another one of Jeffrey’s crazy ideas. I have known Mr. Ells for more than a year now and have always known him to be an individual who get things done. Nevertheless, in this situation with which I am so personally involved, I found myself incredibly humbled by the fact that there are individuals who are able to live up to a service philosophy that may sometimes be seemingly unachievable. When I tried to express my thanks and apologize for sometimes being a source of headaches, he said, “When we have entrepreneurial spirits, we have to take the good with the headaches…the whole package. We are lucky that there are people like you around.” And then I fell speechless again…

The Ritz-Carlton is known around the world for service excellence to its guests and to its employees. I have always known that. There are times, however, when the philosophy is exemplified to a level that is nothing short of baffling. I am truly honored to work for a company who not only believes in, but embodies, the principles of trust, honesty, and respect. In the world of big money and big business it is easy to lose sight of that. That is why the Ritz-Carlton is special. For that reason I maintain a great level of pride and gratitude to those people with whom I have the pleasure of working each day. I wish to say thank you to Mr. Ells and to your team of leaders. You are a true example.

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