What I am thankful for   |   November 24, 2005

I am thankful for friends and family, for always waking up to a beautiful day, for smiles and laughter, and for the simple things in life.  I am especially thankful that although Adam beat me today at golf by six strokes that he didn't rub it in or put it on the internet.  Adam, you are a true gem.  Happy Thanksgiving to all.

The joy of golf   |   November 14, 2005

I golf...I enjoy golf...I am a golfer...

For years I have never understood the obsession some people have with the game of golf.  You have to haul a big bag of clubs around with a bunch of other people and hit a little white ball in the direction of a tiny hole in the middle of the most immaculately groomed grass on the planet.  However, I have recently discovered why people enjoy this game and that it has a place in my "Art of Living."  The game of golf, much like tea, allows people to slow down and enjoy the company of others.  It allows us to be outdoors in the fresh air where we only need to focus on one thing - hitting the ball into the cup.  For those three to four hours, nothing else really matters.  The cell phones can be turned off, the emails can wait, and the office calls can be forwarded to voicemail...beautiful!

I have only been playing for about two months and yesterday I had the pleasure of playing with my friend Adam - who, by the way is a pretty good golfer.  We finished the round just after the sun had set.  The air was crisp...the perfect day had come to a close.  We both played well and had a good time.  This type of contentment is exactly what I try to exemplify as an "Art of Living."  Thanks Adam...for the golf...and for your friendship.  I am lucky to know you.

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