Brokeback Mountain   |   January 30, 2006

Don’t ever forget to say I love you.  Always treat people as though they might not be there tomorrow.  Don’t stop dreaming and reaching for your dreams…even when someone doesn’t think you can do it.  Enjoy the beauty of love in its purest form.


These are only a few of the thoughts that race through my mind after the third viewing of the now highly acclaimed film Brokeback Mountain .  As an extension of my encouragement to always enjoy life, this movie will allow you to reflect about human nature, personal emotion and uncontrollable attraction.  I recommend this movie without hesitation for the way in which it makes us think and for the purity of love between two friends that, in my opinion, has never been portrayed with such clarity.  May you smile, cry, and leave the theatre wanting to discuss it with others.  Congratulations to Brokeback Mountain for going where few have gone and for doing it with such grace and beauty.   


Happy New Year   |   January 23, 2006


I cannot believe that it is the 23rd day of the month and I am just now taking the time to wish you all a happy new year.  I hope that you spent a memorable New Year’s Eve with the people who mean the most to you.  I spent an extraordinary New Year’s Eve in Seattle, Washington .  The early part of the evening was spent at the wedding of Ericka Sander and her new husband Jeff.  It was an amazing way to remember the importance of love as Frederic and I looked on with many tears of joy in our eyes.  (If you can ever attend a wedding on New Year’s Eve, I highly recommend it.  It was magical.)  Just before midnight we joined my brother Joseph, dear friend Joshua, and many of their friends for a midnight celebration at Ed’s 25th story condo that faced the Seattle Space Needle.  I thank Ed for opening his doors to us as it was more than impressive to watch fireworks at nearly eye-level.  After a few days in the Seattle drizzle, we headed to the downpours of the Oregon Coast .  There is nothing like a wet day looking at the ocean to help you relax where nap time and reading are the only things on the daily agenda.  I am now back in Phoenix with the sunny 70 degree days and am happy to be reconnecting with my routine.  I do enjoy getting away, but it is also nice to get home where I feel so at ease.  Enjoy the beginning of 2006 which I anticipate will be another year of growth, change and success.  I look forward to sharing many more reflective moments with you soon.  Until then, have a wonderful afternoon.



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