Jeffrey's Tea is back   |   April 14, 2008

Thank you for your patience as I have been getting things settled around here.  As you can see I will no lobger be retailing my products through the website (for many reasons).  Please know that you can always enjoy the tea with me at The Ritz-Carlton, Phoenix.  Please also notice that you can always stay up to date on all of my special events; and I highly recommend that you sign up to receive email updates from me as this is where I announce all of my special promotions first.  I do trust that you that you will continue to enjoy these reflections and the way in which I try to encourage everyone to have a beautiful life...

With that I think I will head out to the pool and enjoy a moment of peace on this beautiful Monday afternoon.  Best wishes for an excellent day and I hope we will all chat soon.

The Jeffrey's Tea Store   |   January 16, 2008

Although this may not actually be a "reflection" I would like to let everyone know that although the store section of is currently unavailable, it will return in a slightly different capacity.  As I enter my third year in business I have found it necessary to restructure my offerings slightly in hopes of reinventing my business and myself.  Thank you for all of your encouragement and inquiries.  I am reminded that things of beauty that encourage an Art of Living - like Jeffrey's Tea - are important in this chaotic world and I am so glad that many of you are able to find peace and serenity in my product and vision.  I will keep you informed as to when the store will be back open again. 

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