A little bit about Jeffrey

Born in the Pacific Northwest in the small town of Vancouver, Washington, Jeffrey grew up in a lively household with mom, dad, and three younger brothers.  It was there that he discovered his passion for making others smile and his commitment to providing excellence in customer service.  At an early age Jeffrey was destined to “be on stage” calling square dances by his father’s side and relishing in the lights of the theatre.  Even today, singing remains one of his greatest joys.  “As long as it comes from the heart, music can make any situation more beautiful,” he says.  “A song is a very simple way to give others the gift of a smile.”  Jeffrey’s music endeavors are always alive with the release of his first CD, an annual sold-out holiday concert series, or just an occasional serenade during the afternoon tea at The Ritz-Carlton, Phoenix.

As a student at Arizona State University, Jeffrey studied the art of human communication and received his undergraduate degree from the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication in May, 2005 with honors.  Jeffrey has put his art of communication to work at The Ritz-Carlton, Phoenix for the past seven years.  During that time, he has become a self-made expert in tea and the art of its service.  By sharing his talents with guests, Jeffrey has meticulously created a Tea Room that has been rated #1 in Phoenix…and around the globe by some.

As the resident tea specialist at The Ritz-Carlton, Phoenix he is recognized for his expertise of fine service, a passion for tea, and an ability to create the perfect dining experience.  Jeffrey has been honored with several awards and recognitions including being named number 10 on the list of Top “101 things we love about Phoenix” by Arizona Foothills magazine as well as recently receiving the J. Willard Marriott Award of Excellence – an international service award given annually for customer service excellence.  Most currently he was awarded the honor of Best Male Dancer in Dancing with the Stars Arizona…he serves tea and is light on his toes.

Jeffrey’s world of tea has further expanded with the creation of Jeffrey’s Tea International where he has turned his life experience into a line of signature tea blends and tea products.  He believes that tea is more than just a beverage.  “Tea is a vessel by which we can navigate our mood,” says Jeffrey.  “It can enhance the space we are in or guide us to a place we would rather be.  Tea is an experience that engages all of the senses and allows us to enjoy an art of living.”  Jeffrey emulates an art of living every day in all he does.  His contagious smile and vivacious energy breathes life into every experience.  With tea as a foundation, Jeffrey’s life has soared to many heights, which have given him the opportunity to explore and pursue his life passions: family, friends, love and music…an Art of Living.